10 Ways To Make Your Home Healthier

A lot of us are a bit health conscious. We want the best for ourselves and our children. Yet, actually implementing healthy home habits can be hard. 

Where do I even start? And what actually makes my home healthier? 

Diet plays a big part in a healthy home so that often means cutting back on junk food. However, there are other ways to make your home healthier. 

Healthy for you and your family, but also healthier for anyone that visits your home. 

We spend so much time insides our homes, that it’s important that we create a healthy environment. You need healthy air, healthy food, a good amount of sleep, and low exposure to toxins and chemicals. 

Large advancements have been made in toxin-free cleaners, but there are still things like non-stick pans that just aren’t that great for you.

While it sometimes feels like the FDA has made a lot of bad stuff illegal, there seems to be new stuff made everyday that’s not good either.

What’s a gal to do?

Here are 10 Ways To Make Your Home Healthier

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Choose Your Cleaners Wisely

The statistics on people who clean for a living are alarming.

Did you know that 150 cleaning chemicals commonly found in homes are linked to birth defects, allergies, and cancer? I never really considered how toxic my cleaning supplies were until I wanted to teach my daughter to clean toilets.

That strong potent toilet bowl cleaner that makes your nose burn can not be good for your lungs. I found Norwex, and love how diligent they are about their cleaners.

They encourage cleaning with water and test their products stridently before releasing them to the public. 

Four people in cleaning garb high fiving

Consider The Quality of the Air in Your Home

We often forget that the oxygen that we breathe is just as important for a healthy home as the food we eat. The air inside our homes is much more polluted than outside air.

Opening your windows is a great way to let in the fresh air. If you suspect mold toxicity, checking your air quality is a good idea. Here are more ways to have cleaner air in your home.

Lady in blue shirt stretching outside.

Get Rid of Junk Food

In our ideal world, we would never crave junk food. We would feed our kids healthy foods all day, every day. Unfortunately, for most of us, this is not a reality.

However, making an effort to eat less junk food is ideal. Start with not buying any more. Buy healthier options instead.

Our kids are on an apple spree right now, so we usually have two large bags of apples in the fridge. Trail mix is also a healthier option, and even better if you make your own.

Filter Your Water

The studies on chemicals that go into our water sources from conventional farming are alarming.

Not only do synthetic fertilizers and pesticides pollute our freshwater sources, but they also affect the hormones in frogs to change from female to male….ponder that for a moment.

You can read more about that study here. Runoff from chemicals never meant for human consumption is affecting even those of us that try to eat all organic and homemade.

A water filter that works excellent is the Berkey Water Filter. There are several different options that you can use. What I love about this one, is that you can take any freshwater source, and make it taste great and healthy.

Glass of water standing on table top.

Store Food in Glass

Plastic seems great in concept but when you consider how plastic leaches from the container into your food, it’s not so great anymore. Store food in glass for best practices.

Just please don’t microwave your food in plastic containers. Radiation + plastic=not a good idea.

Ditch Non-Stick

We love our conveniences, don’t we? Non-stick is so helpful, cause we don’t like our foods to stick. Yet, nonstick pans aren’t healthy for you or your family.

Try to use cast iron or stainless steel instead. I love my cast iron pan. I have one like this.

Cast iron pan filled with food on a wooden cutting board.

Use Natural Personal Care

Our skin is our largest organ, and the products that we use for our personal care go into our bloodstream too. There are many companies that are noticing the need for natural products.

You can still look and smell good. Choosing natural products for your deodorant and makeup is a great place to start.

There are many DIY recipes available online if you are into that sort of thing. Beauty Counter is a better option if you want something you can buy.

Go Organic Where Possible

Your budget might not let you go completely organic, but try to buy organic where possible. There are some fruits and vegetables where you don’t need to spend the extra dollars.

Anything that you peel, you can buy the cheap stuff. Save your budget for foods that you eat the skin too. Start buying organic lettuce, and apples.

Be sure to wash your fruits and vegetables, even if it is considered organic. Some so-called organic fertilizers could be worse for you than traditional conventional.

That’s a whole nother topic in itself.

Get Enough Sleep

In our hustle and grind culture, sleep sometimes gets underrated. The amount of sleep that you need depends on your body and lifestyle.

There are different seasons where you can get away with less sleep, but take the time to relax. Rest is very important for a healthier you. 

Turn Off The Screens

Screen time is off the charts, and I suspect with the pandemic it will have gotten only worse. Do your brain a favor and shut everything off.

Take the time to go outside, and breathe the fresh air. Look at the natural beauty outside, and give your brain a rest.

Man, woman and child in wheelchair playing outside.

Making your home a healthier place isn’t a one-and-done. It’s a process of small choices, made every day. Start by ditching your grocery store cleaners.

Add another habit from the above that seems feasible to you. 

With time you will find that these habits have become second nature to you. I firmly believe everything in moderation is the only sustainable change we can make. 

I hope these ways to make your home healthier inspire you and motivate you to make healthier choices for yourself and your family. You are worth it.

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  1. Agree! Such simple choices, that make such a difference. Also turn off the wifi is super important to reduce EMF radiation. Thanks for your blog and the great info about cleaning!

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