Amazing Uses For Norwex Cleaning Paste

This has been one of my favorite products ever since I discovered Norwex cleaning products. I initially bought it after I got my flattop stovetop because my mother-in-law always used it. And her stovetop is always spotless. 

Of course, the cleaning products make all the difference, right?

Well, they sure do, but you still have to get around to actually cleaning your oven (facepalm).

This nifty cleaner has been so helpful, along with the Spiri sponge. This is my honest review of the Norwex cleaning paste.

It lasts for months, maybe even years for some people so it is a very economical purchase. It gives you all the power of a heavy-duty cleaner without the harsh chemicals.

Norwex claims that it can last up to 4000 uses! If you used one swipe every single day, it would last for over ten years. That’s kind of crazy to think about, but I can imagine it will last well over two years for me.

It is tough on stains, dirt, grime, and grease. It reminds me very much of VIM cleaner, but in a solid form. It is so effective against marks on the floor, rust stains on the bathtub, and a dirty stovetop.

It is the best stuff for cleaning everything! I always use my Spiri sponge along with it. For cleaning projects that are more delicate, only use a soft cloth. The Spiri sponge is gently abrasive, so might scratch up softer things. 

The smell of Norwec Cleaning Paste is very fresh. Not harsh at all, if you have a sensitive nose. It has a slight rose smell and is completely white in color. 

There are many uses for Norwex cleaning paste. My disclaimer is this: ALWAYS check a small spot before cleaning the entire thing.

This stuff is powerful, and you don’t want it to ruin your floors, tables, etc. I’ve never had something ruined, but…you never know.

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15+ Uses For Norwex Cleaning Paste

Clean Tough Bathtub Stains

You’d think your bathtub would be the cleanest area of your home, but the truth is that it gets really dirty. Norwex cleaning paste clears the scum buildup easily. 

Clean stainless steel sinks

No matter if I rinse out my kitchen sinks every day, they still get stained. This paste makes scrubbing the kitchen sink a breeze. It takes only a couple of minutes to get the sink clean. 

Polish Faucets

Shine them up so clean you can see your face.

Scrub off black marks from the floor.

Yes, we have our hoover board inside at times. Our children love to ride it, but it’s tough on my floors. This helps take off the black marks it leaves behind.

Clean your Glass Top Range

My favorite way to use this cleaning paste. Cleaning my stovetop is a bit of a chore, but this makes it so much easier.

Remove Rust Stains

We are blessed to have a dugout as our water source on our homestead, but unfortunately, that water has a bit of rust content.

When the faucet has been left dripping, I get a rust spot on my sink. This cleaning paste made short order of it and made it good as new.

Clean White Folding Tables

I love the ‘easiness’, of our folding tables. We use them often, especially for outdoor dinner parties and the like. They then become stained with grime. This paste works great to take off even the darkest stains.

Clean Lawn Chairs

Plastic lawn chairs also get stained outside and will look like new with some of this cleaning paste.

Polish Stainless Steel Barbecuer

Remove any stains on your Barbecuer quickly and easily. 

Polish tire rims

A great polish for stainless steel, it also works for tire rims.

Clean Plastic Toys

Our plastic toys get embarrassingly dirty, and somethings you need a bit more muscle than just water and a cloth. 

Remove permanent marker

This might be the biggest achievement of this cleaning paste. Remove permanent markers off your tables, toys, etc. 

Coffee Pots

That layer of hard water buildup at the bottom of your coffee pot? This Norwex cleaning paste will get that clean for you much faster than water and vinegar can. 

Remove juice stains from counters

I am always disappointed when I see the stain that jello or juice powder makes on my counters. Raspberry juice is prone to it too. A bit of this paste cleans that right up.

Degrease Pots and Pans

My pots aren’t always shiny. There comes a time where they have a thick layer of grease on the bottom edges that just don’t want to get off. Using my Spiri sponge and a swipe of the Norwex cleaning paste, I can easily make them look new again.

Make Tennis Shoes new again. 

Make them look like you just bought them with this cleaning paste. Use a swipe on a rag, and scrub until they shine. 

Norwex cleaning Paste

How To Use Norwex Cleaning Paste

To use the Norwex Cleaning Paste, just moisten your cloth (or sponge) of choice, and swipe it across the top of the paste a couple of times. Then scrub the dirty object. Rinse with water and you’re done.

Ingredients in the Norwex Cleaning Paste:

Marble Flour (which is an abrasive), Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, salt, Cocamide DEA Isotridecanol Ethoxylate Sodium C14 -17 Alkyl Sec. Sulfate, Sulfonic Acid C13 – C17 Sec. Alkyl Sodium Salts, Alumina, Sodium Hydroxide (pH Adjuster); Benzisothiazolinone (Preservative); Methylchloroisothiazolinone (Preservative); Methylisothiazolinone (Preservative); Rose scent.

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    The Norwex Cleaning Paste is on the list of best products to buy when beginning with Norwex. A favorite among many, it lasts for years, and it is such a powerful cleaner.

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