Organic Gardening at Home

Anyone who cares a little about their health knows that organically grown foods are the best. Yet, they can cost a lot more then conventionally grown produce.

Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables can save you a LOT of money, and is very beneficial for your health so it’s well worth considering!

Even if you have a small space, plant food in containers. People are turning their city lots into mini gardens all around the world.

When we think of organic agriculture, we think about food grown without the use of chemicals.

Yet, organic farming is so much more, and we can incorporate these principles in our gardens as well.

In organic gardening, the use of any chemicals is prohibited, but it also includes considerations of the health of the soil, and the garden as an ecosystem.

An ecosystem works together, as a unit, no part is sufficient on its own, dependent on each other.

If we can learn how everything works together, we can make better progress in growing food naturally.

Organic Principles In Your Garden

Recycling of Plants.

Composting is great for this. With correct methods, you can even compost weeds. Hot composting works to kill any weed seeds,so only out your weeds in your compost pile if you know the temperature will get hot enough. Cold composting works for any other leftover greens and browns.


The more diversity in the garden, the more diverse biological activity will be in the soil. Seek to plant a lot of different kinds of plants together in your garden.

Try rotating different types so that the soil gets the full benefits of different plants. Companion planting is great for plant diversity. Soil microbiology feeds on diversity.

Soil health.

The health of the soil affects plant health as well as the health of the produce. Learn as much as you can about soil health, and how it all ties in together.

If the soil isn’t healthy, neither will the food be that is grown in that soil. Insects, earthworms, microbes, and soil life are all part of healthy soil.

I find soil health fascinating. If the health of our soil can be increased, our food also becomes healthier. An accurate soil test will help you know what your soil needs.

Natural weed, pest and disease management.

No chemicals, but using God-given resources to deter pests, etc. In organic gardening, we have to work with nature and not against it.

When addressing problems, we have to discover the root cause.

What pest is causing this problem? Why is the plant not strong enough to withstand it? Is my soil in an unhealthy state? How can I increase the biological activity in the soil?

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