How to Clean Glass (and Windows) Without Any Streaks

The best way to clean windows and glass without streakings is a method I have been using for more than ten years. 

We always used Windex and paper towels when I was growing up. It didn’t work the best, because no matter how hard I tried, I always ended up with many streaks.

The windows looked noticeably better after using Windex and paper towels,  but the number of streaks was embarrassing. 

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Shortly after my husband and I got married, I was introduced to the window cloth, and how to properly use it. I was in love!

Cleaning windows and glass was no longer a chore. The satisfaction of seeing streak-free glass made cleaning windows no longer a chore. 

Giving my windows and mirrors a quick clean is an (almost weekly) habit around here. Fingerprints and the like cover my windows that I need my window cloth often enough. 

A deep clean for my windows usually happens in Spring, when the snow is gone and it’s oh so beautiful out there. I love cleaning my windows in the springtime because the air is so fresh.

Sometimes, I deep clean my windows in autumn as well, but there are times I don’t get to it. 

The best way to get streak-free clean windows fast is by using a Norwex Window Cloth. You only need to buy this once. No more paper towels, and no more cleaners. 

How to clean Windows without Streaks

These are the steps that I take when deep-cleaning my windows.

I, fortunately, am able to clean all my windows from the inside, but some of you will have to use a ladder. We live in a mobile home, so I have no windows that are very high up.

1.Prepare Your Equipment. 

You will need two buckets of water, one with a small amount of soap, and one with just clear water. Two regular microfiber cloths plus the Norwex window cloth.

Also, have your vacuum cleaner handy. You will need it to vacuum dust and bugs. 

2.Take out your inner Window Frame (if possible)

Windows are not all the same. I always take out my inner window pane and set it aside. I then remove the screens. Next, vacuum out the corners. 

3.Start With Your Soapy Water. 

Wash the entire window with soapy water.

Be sure to get into all the corners. Use a sharp object if needed. I often use my Victorinox knives but I can’t recommend that because I have broken off too many knife tips already!

4.Use Your Clear Water. 

Now, with a new cloth (don’t use the one that was in the soapy water), wash the window glass well. You want no soap residue to remain.

I always do one pane at a time because I want it to still be somewhat wet when I rub it with my window cloth. 

5. Wipe Well With Your Norwex Window Cloth

Don’t dip your window cloth into any water. It will get a bit wet from the clear water on the pane, but that’s fine.

You are essentially using it to dry off the glass. 

This has been by far the best way that I have found to clean glass and windows without streaks. A home with clean windows seems much more cheerful than one with foggy and dirty windows.

The Norwex window cloth is also very useful in cleaning mirrors without streaks. No Windex or other glass cleaner is required!  Use the same method, but skip the soapy water bucket. 

Some people love using vinegar and water to clean glass (and windows), but I have personally never found it necessary. I got my first window cloth in the beginning after my husband and I got married, and I never needed Windex again. 

Cleaning glass and windows is simple with the Norwex Window Cloth. 

Another thing I love about using a window cloth to clean glass and windows is that it’s chemical-free. Your kids can help you, and they don’t need to be exposed to all those chemicals that are in a lot of window cleaners.

Get yours here now! You only need to buy it once. Mine has lasted me ten years already, and unless I lose it by mistake, I don’t see I need to buy it again. The amount of money I have saved on paper towels is mind-blowing. 

Getting your windows and other glass streak-free is simple and easy with this amazing cloth.

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