The Top Home Remedies For The Common Cold

Are you looking to get rid of your cold fast? It’s no fun to have a stuffy nose and a sore throat, especially when your head is feeling stuffed as well.

I love giving our bodies the tools to heal naturally. God has made our bodies amazing, in that they are capable of healing when given the right nutrients. The food we eat, and the lifestyle we live go a long way in the health of our physical bodies.

Recently most of my kids came down with a pretty bad cold, as far as colds go. The sore throat was serious, and the coughing was bad. A couple of my kids had very hoarse throats, to the point they struggled to talk. 

My 2 year old woke up in the night struggling to breathe. He might even have had a touch of croup. When my children start getting sick, I start getting serious. 

To get rid of your cold fast, you need to be diligent and serious about treating it. My top home remedies for a cold are Vitamin C and Vicks.

Refuse painkillers if at all possible. Over-the-counter cold medications help in the short run, but they almost always lengthen the duration of a cold. 

I always have my go-to home remedies for the common cold, but when it’s as rough as this one was, I get out the big guns!

7 Home Remedies For A Cold That Work Fast

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Vitamin C Powder

This has been a game-changer for our family. I use to just buy the Vitamin C tablets at Costco, but when I discovered Emergen-C’s, I try to have them in our medicine cabinet at all times.

To fight a cold, and get rid of it fast, your treatment needs to be aggressive. I give our children half a packet (500mg), every 4 hours, for a day when they are sick.

This helps give their body the extra boost it needs to fight the virus. As an adult, I take a packet every four hours when I am fighting it aggressively. You don’t want to do this long-term. If you get diarrhea, then stop for a bit.

Too much vitamin C will give you the runs, so you have a good way to tell if your body is using it or just flushing it out.

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As far back as I can remember, this was the go-to salve when we had a sore throat or cold. Rub it on your throat, and then cover your throat with a blanket.

The menthol and camphor are healing and cooling at the same time. If you have a persistent cough, this is one of the best ways to calm it down. 

As I have grown older, I started to realize that petroleum is not the best thing to put on your skin. As I researched the ingredients, I realized that making my own Sore Throat Salve was not only possible, it was simple! Here is a recipe that looks amazing.


Your body needs water to heal. Make an extra effort to hydrate well. With little children, it can be more difficult to get them to drink, but try offering water often throughout the day. 


When my youngest woke up with a harsh, barking cough, I wished I had a nebulizer.

Cool steam can be very helpful for tight airways and a sore throat. I was able to borrow a nebulizer from my mom, and it helped.

My son only had one episode that was slightly scary, thankfully. You can nebulize saltwater, or buy a specific medication from the doctor.

What I did was nebulize the silver that my mom had made. Mixing a tsp of colloidal silver with a 1/4 cup water and using that as your nebulizing solution is what I would recommend.

Silver Colloidal

A powerful immune booster, Collodial Silver is a great product to have on hand. I don’t recommend using silver extravagantly, because of the controversial theories behind it (don’t want to turn silver, y’all).

However, using it to boost your immune system when your body is fighting a virus works great. 


Slice an onion thinly and place them on the bottom of your feet. Carefully put on socks. If you are having trouble keeping the ions there, you can also put on your socks first, then slide the onions into the bottom of the sock. You want it on the sole of your foot.

The medicinal properties of onion get taken directly into your body through feet. Onions stink, but they are a medicinal powerhouse on their own!

raw onions


Garlic is another immune system wonder. Chop a clove finely, place it onto a buttered piece of toast and eat. I’d try to do this at least twice a day until the cold is gone.

We are always hesitant to eat garlic because of the strong odor, but if I was battling a bad cold, and needed to get well now, this is what I would do. When I had a severe cheek infection, garlic kept me from using antibiotics.

Signs Your Cold Is Getting Better

More energy

Nose excretions that are green, or yellow. 

Less coughing

No more sore throat

The colds in our family this winter lasted a good week. As with all viruses, they seem to hit different ages differently.

Our youngest got it the worst, and the oldest didn’t get it at all. My husband and I didn’t get it either. RSV was going around in our community, so he might have been battling a touch of that.

It might not be possible to cure a cold in 24 hours, but if you will be diligent in treating yourself, the duration of the cold will be much shorter. 

Don’t try to do all 7 of these home remedies. Rather, pick 3 or 4 and do them consistently and persistently. If you want to stay out of the doctor’s office, then take charge of your own health and fight this. 

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Perseverance, dedication, and persistence are important when using home remedies for the common cold.

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