15 Best gardening gifts for mom

Buying gifts for a gardening enthusiast must be one of the easiest people to shop for. 

Of course, this comes from a fellow gardener, so my opinion might be biased. 

There are many gift options for mom gardeners. Whether she is a beginner gardener or veteran, this list will be sure to help you find a great gift.

I love my gardening tools, and yet I still don’t have nearly all of them.

Gardening is a passion for many. it’s pretty amazing for us that love the dirt. Not only is it great for mental health, but it also produces something of great value: healthy food or beautiful flowers!

Buying a gift for the mom that loves gardening does not have to be hard. Whether it is for Christmas or a birthday, these are some of the best gardening gifts that your mom will love. 

Good quality is important when looking at gifts for a gardener. The tools and equipment we use often get exposed to the sun. They need to be able to handle sun exposure.

Cheap is not always better, but you also don’t need to spend an extravagant amount for a good gift. 

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15+ Great Gardening Gifts For Your Mom

Japanese Hoe

I received mine as a Christmas gift from my mom, and I absolutely love it.

My strawberry bed is full of dandelions, and when they get rooted between your strawberry plants, they are hard to get out of. This hand hoe gets right to the rot of the weed.

Getting the root on the first try helps you to have fewer weeds in your garden. 

Irrigation System

Irrigation not only saves water but also helps the gardener give a more consistent dosage to the plants.

Irrigation systems come in many different sizes, and the right one will depend on the size of your mom’s garden. This irrigation system has a complete setup for maximum water conservation and efficiency.

Gardening Hat

Your mom needs a good hat to cover her head from the burning sun. One with a wide brim, and yet is comfortable to wear.

While a mosquito net over the hat would be helpful, it would also hinder my view. That’s something to take into consideration. A basic, durable hat will suit your mother well.

Gardening Clogs

I dislike going barefoot in my garden all the time because it stains my feet so badly. Wearing running shoes or boots is also out of the question because my feet get so hot.

These gardening clogs would be the answer. Lightweight, and easy to clean, every gardener needs a pair of these.

Garden Colander

Your mom grows her vegetables in the dirt, and she needs to wash that dirt off too. A garden colander will make that super easy. She just needs to place her veggies into the colander, spray them off with a garden hose, let drip dry, and she is ready to bring them into the house.

Gardeners understand how much dirt gets brought into the house along with vegetables, and this would help lessen the load.

Seed Storage Tin

Is your mom a seed hoarder? I am always one of the first to place my seed order in the middle of the winter. I like going through gardening catalogs and ordering my seeds.

This also means I always have a stash of leftover and new seeds that I need to store somewhere. This cute seed storage tin would work great for seed storage.

Row Markers

Every year I am determined that I will be more organized with my gardening planting. I cut out row markers from old plastic containers. Never fails, they always disappear.

Either the rain washes off the words, or they get lost among the growth. These row markers would work great to get that organized garden.

Mosquito Repellant Diffuser

I love working in my garden. Until the mosquitoes come. If you live in an area that has as many mosquitos as northern Alberta does, you know the value of a good mosquito repellent.

Grow Light

A grow light is vital if you live in a climate with long months of short days. I was never able to grow plants well inside my home during March and April until I got a grow light.

If your mom loves starting seedlings inside, she will love this grow light.

My plants grew like crazy. The amazing thing about Grow lights is that you can start plants in a dark closet, and they will grow well. 

A Compost Bin

Compost is the most underrated garden soil amendment. It’s free nutrients for your soil, and all you need is some knowledge and a place for your food scraps.

There are many DIY compost bin plans, but you can also buy them already prepared. A compost tumbler is a great place to start. 

Claw Fingered Gloves

Digging out weeds can be very hard on the hands. These claw-fingered gloves make it so much easier. They would also work great for digging out potatoes. 

Mini Green House

A mini greenhouse is a small house that you keep inside. It gives your plants the same atmosphere that a large outside one would do, but on a smaller scale.

Growing plants indoors is often harder due to less than favorable conditions. This greenhouse will help with that. It is a complete home mini greenhouse set up.

Garden Dump Cart

Taking care of the extra weeds, plants, and produce is so much easier with this garden dump cart. If your mom needs to transport soil or plants, a wagon is super helpful. 

Designed with heavy loads in mind, this wagon will last for many years.

Hideaway Hose Reel

A garden hose can be a great helper and a great headache when it starts tangling. A hideaway hose reel will help protect the garden hose from the sun, as well as make it easier to tidy up. 


While I am a big advocate for an irrigation system over a sprinkler for a garden, there are certain situations where a sprinkler is better. A large sprinkler is great if you want your lawns to look beautiful during the summertime. 

There are many gift ideas for moms that garden! If your mom is a seasoned gardener, she might have some of these, but you are sure to find one that she still needs.

An irrigation system makes conserving water so much easier, and the garden cart is super helpful to transport weeds or produce. My personal favorite of these is the Japanese How. It has been a game-changer in my gardening career!

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