Best Canadian Seed and Bulb Companies

When in search of Canadian based garden seeds and bulbs, the options might seem few. For years I only shopped from  T&T Seeds, mainly because this was from where my mom had ordered for years. While I still love them, there are many more ordering options.

Canadians chose these as their favourite Canadian Based Seed and Bulb Companies.

  1. West Coast Seeds
  2. William Dam Seeds
  3. Brecks Garden Seeds
  4. Veseys
  5. T & T Seeds
  6. Prairie Seeds
  7. Heritage Harvest Seeds
  8. Abunadh Seeds
  9. Stokes Seeds
  10. Early’s Seed and Feed
  11. McKenzie Seeds
  12. Salt Spring Seeds
  13. Harmonic Herbs

As you can see, there are many to choose from! Not all of these have the option of online ordering, but if you are looking to buy vegetable seeds online, there are a few to choose from.

If you can’t order them online, give them a call. I’m sure each of these companies would be happy to help you.

Also, if you are in zone 2 or 3, check out this list of 25 perennials that do well in our zone before ordering.

Canada Based Companies That Sell Vegetable and Flower Seeds as Well as Shrubs and Bulbs.

West Coast Seeds

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, West Coast Seeds has followed the traditions of organic farming for many years. A high-quality company, they focus on untreated, non-GMO, non GEO, open-pollinated, and hybrid seeds. 

Check out their website at Online ordering available.

William Dam Seeds

Started out on a kitchen table in Sarnai, Ontario, William Dam Seeds sell anything from potato to flower seeds. Another family-run company, they supply their customers with old and traditional seed products, as well as gardening tools and supplies. 

Check out their website at Online ordering available.

Brecks Bulbs

Specializing in bulbs for your garden, Brecks bulbs have been serving gardeners since 1818. No other company knows more about bulbs then this one. 

Check out their website at Online ordering available.


In business since 1939, Veseys provides quality products for your garden. Selling vegetable seeds, flowers, and bulbs, herb, fruits, and berries as well as tools and accessories. One-stop shopping for your garden. Vesey also has a fundraiser program that has been serving thousands of Canadians over the past forty seasons. 

Check out their website at Online ordering available. Request your free catalogue as well.

T & T Seeds

Located in Manitoba, T & T Seeds was founded by Jerry and Paddy Twomey in 1946.  They specialize in early season garden seed and nursery stock for the home gardener since its beginning. A Prairie Garden favorite, this has been a go-to for me for many years. They established a website a couple of years ago, so online orders are now available. They carry seeds of all sorts as well as rootstock and small trees.

Check out their website at Online and phone orders available.

Prairie Garden Seeds 

Located in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Prairie Garden Seeds was founded by Jim Ternier and has evolved to include many family members. In 1986 they issued their first seed catalogue and have continued to serve their customers with a focus on helping people grow food organically.

Check out their website at Online ordering is NOT available at the moment, but you can still check out their catalogue online.

Heritage Harvest Seeds

Specializing in Canadian Heirloom and Heritage Seeds, Heritage Harvest Seeds are Canada’s #1 source for rare and endangered varieties. If you are a gardener that likes the exotic, check out this company. Located in Fisher Branch, Manitoba, they have been in business for over a decade. They also sell a Seed Saving Book written by Seeds of Diversity. 

You can check out their website at Online ordering available.

Abunadh Seeds

Alberta Grown seeds, Abundah Seeds is a small business that focuses on home gardeners. , Specializing in open-pollinated and heirloom seeds, Online ordering is not available at the moment, but you can download the catalogue and order form.

Check out their website at

Stokes Seeds

A leading supplier of high-quality seeds. Stokes Seeds is proudly Canadian. They carry vegetable, flowers, herbs as well as gardening accessories. Their retail store is in Thtotold, Ontario, but online ordering is also available.

Check out their website at

Early’s Seed and Feed

Since 1907, Early’s Farm and Garden sells planters, seeds, fertilizers as well as pet and livestock supplies. Online ordering is not available at the moment, but it looks like they are preparing their website for it.

Check it out at

McKenzie Seeds

A leader and innovator in Canada since 1896, McKenzie Co is Canadas number one packet seed company. They specialize in flower and vegetable seed, as well as numerous other products. Focusing on cost, quality, and safety, they offer a huge variety of packet seeds.

Check out their website at

Salt Spring Seeds

Created in 1976 by Dan Jason, Salt Sping Seeds specializes in heritage and heirloom open-pollinated and non-GMO seed varieties. An avid critic of genetically modified seeds, Dan is the author of Saving Seeds as if our lives Depended on It.  Online ordering is available.

Check out the website at

Harmonic Herbs

What started as a hobby, turned into a focus of small scale vegetable and seed production. Online ordering available, with a flat shipping rate of $5. Located in Central Alberta, Harmonic Herbs sells vegetable, flower, grain, herb, and other seeds.

When in search of Canadian based garden seeds and bulbs, there are many more options than I would have thought.

Go check out these, and let me know which one is your favorite. From novice to the experienced gardener, there is always something new to plant, and much to learn.

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Happy Gardening!

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