The Best Books On Soil Health

Soil health is an interesting topic, but when you first start, it can feel overwhelming. As with everything new, there is so much to learn that you might be tempted to give up.

While regenerative farming is relatively new, there are a few books out there that are helpful and will make learning about soil health fun and informative. 

I am a lifelong learner and love to learn, but I have also had moments when regenerative practices seemed confusing and difficult to understand. 

That the health of our soil makes a difference in the nutrient content of our food, as well as helps plants grow better seems simple at the surface.

Once you start delving into the science behind it, things can start to feel confusing.

If this is you too, these books will help you get a better grasp on soil health, and help you make the right decisions for your farm or garden.

Start with one book, and keep on reading.

You won’t learn everything in one day, and not even in a year. Learning about soil health is a complex and fascinating topic, that, if you dive into it, will keep you on your toes for quite some time. 

Learning how to improve soil health will benefit your farm, your garden, as well as the environment. 

These books teach on regenerating soil, for a more profitable farm, less energy, and inputs, and come recommended by folks that follow regenerative farming practices.

5 of the Best Books On Soil Health

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For the Love of Soil

 Written by Nicole Masters

A great book that will teach you how soil biology works, and how you can start turning your farm towards regenerative practices.

This book gets a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Nicole Masters is an independent agroecologist, and educator.

Dirt to Soil 

Written by: Gabe Brown

Gabe Brown published this book in 2020. In it, he shares the story of how his farm transitioned over to regenerative farming out of necessity.

After several years of hail and rain, in which he lost a lot of his conventional crops, he started noticing the difference in the health of his soil.

An inspiring story, this book simplifies regenerative farming so that anyone can understand it.

Unsettling of America 

Written by Wendall Berry

This is an older book and is recognized as a classic among regenerative farmers.

In it Wendell Barry shares how today’s agriculture does not benefit families but instead works against them.

One Amazon reviewer writes “Berry’s knowledgeable about all the old farming practices that many have forgotten, practices also promoted by Michael Pollan, that eliminate much or all of the need for external “inputs” such as fertilizer, pesticides, and antibiotics. He has one foot in the past, and the other firmly planted in our future, hoping to bridge the gap.”  

Grow Your Soil 

Written by Diane Miessler

Written by a certified permaculture designer, a soil science enthusiast, and a gardener, Diane presents the science of growing rich soil, that is teeming with life. 

The Hidden Half of Nature

Written by David Montgomery

This book shares the journey of a couple that transforms their yard by feeding the soil.

After being diagnosed with cancer, they also discovered how similar the microbiology of soil is to our gut health. 

Restoration Agriculture

By Mark Shepard

Another recommendation is any books by Joel Salatin. He has several books that look fascinating. If you are looking to start a profitable farm, he is a go-to person. 

I am excited to read these books. Currently, I am reading Dirt to Soil, and am finding it fascinating. 

A complex subject, there are many books that can help you learn about soil health, and how it affects our communities, but these are some of the best books on soil health. 

Keep Learning! What books have you read so far that have helped you learn about soil health, and its relation to our health?

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