Hi, I’m Marilyn. My family and I live in Northern Alberta, where the winters are cold and the growing season is short. We live on a small 10-acre homestead, with our five children. In the summer you’ll find us taking on too many projects, picking strawberries, and enjoying the weather.

My husband and I both come from a long line of farmers. Some of our ancestors were grain farmers, while others raised farm animals. Growing up my family had a lot of horses and cattle.

My husband’s family grew grain for many years. Every year a large garden was planted.

Our ancestors have been growing their own food for generations. This new homesteading movement? This is nothing new to us.

We have been living like this all of our life. With ancestors that came to Canada from impoverished countries, food stability was very important to them.

The ability to grow, and preserve our own food has been passed down through generations. Just as my mom was taught by her mom, she in turn passed on her knowledge to me.

For many years I took these skills for granted. But today I am thankful for what has been handed down to me.

There is a satisfaction that comes from preserving food that was grown in your own garden. Planting the first seeds, tending to the weeds, and reaping the rewards of harvest.

Butchering the meat that was raised in your backyard, knowing how your food was handled.

A lot of these skills are lost, and I want to help you reclaim them. You can raise your own food, and plant a garden too.

If your heart is to grow your own food, and learn preservation methods, join me!

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